This post is set to go off at 3am the day after the election. I have every expectation that it will. I’ll be asleep but it will happen anyway. There’s always something technical that might gum up the works, but new days in general have a way of showing up on schedule. It’s something you can count on.

I don’t know what will have transpired last night. It’s possible nobody knows for sure, even now. This is normal. It’s important to know what you don’t know. It’s one of the hallmarks of a thoughtful mind. The cocksure are always missing something. The cocksure know everything all along, but it doesn’t make them right.
I think most of us voters are driven by fear. It’s a powerful motivator. The main difference between the two major American factions is what we fear. The faction I don’t tend to vote with is afraid of a lot of things. In my view, most of those things don’t exist. They are phantoms produced in the Devil’s workshop to divert us from what we really should fear, to harvest our votes for the purpose of further siphoning off our wealth. Thus, the desperate refugee from violence is transformed into a murderous threat. Thus, a righteous movement of patriots marching for justice is transformed into roving bands of thugs. Thus, an attempt to claw back a share of our stolen treasure for the common good is transformed into the Socialist bogeyman, out to pick our pockets. These are the fictions manufactured by the real thieves. The fat cats. The wicked and criminally negligent destroyers of our future.
This faction has been conditioned to be afraid of The Other, and The Other has been defined so broadly it even includes me. A small, mouthy, entirely harmless human, still I am declared an enemy. I have repeatedly been declared an enemy by the president of the United States. I, and a solid majority of my fellow citizens, have been deemed unworthy of protection or even consideration. United we used to stand, but divided we elect Republicans. We’re divided. Have we done it again?
I fear that our trust in our civilizing institutions, from the courts to the press, has been so degraded that we will crumble into gang warfare, featuring executions in the street and terrorist acts from all corners, with the heavily armed right-wing players the more dangerous by far.
What I fear more than anything is that we will miss our last chance to pull out of the death-spiral that is our devotion to fossil fuels. We may well have missed it already; we’ve wasted four precious years on top of another twenty years purchased by the Koch brothers, which they’ve blown on toys and party favors for their friends. Cheap energy has turned us into stumbling drunks, with decision-making abilities to match.
No matter what kind of world I’ve woken up to today, my path is clear. I must try hard to live up to my ideals to push my party where it needs to go, and resist the other party with all I can muster, and work for justice always, and do it peacefully. I once thought my political counterparts’ brains had been scooped out and replaced by pudding. Of late I realize that pudding has been packed with nails and shards of glass. But I must remember to be kind. Kindness moves more hearts than belligerence. It’s not easy. It will take stamina. But if we didn’t have stamina, we’d be long gone by now.
I know we can’t fight terror with terror. Not if we want to prevail.