There are 4,398 candidates vying for the Democratic nomination for President. It’s a sharp bunch. There are some differences in their proposals but they’re all operating on the side of goodness. You should pick one or two you really like and toss them a few nickels and see where it all lands. What you shouldn’t do  is worry too much about something called “electability.”

Because every single one of them is electable. Most citizens do not like Donald Trump, and do not like him hard. Even most of the ones that do like him don’t care for him personally, because he’s rude and childish, but they like how that gets liberals all worked up. Of the remainder who really, really like him, a significant percentage will fall down go boom or soil themselves on their way to the polling place.

So if you really like one of the leftmost candidates (formerly known as Eisenhower Republicans) but think you’d have a better shot with someone beiger who can’t be pinned down to any position, think again. It doesn’t matter who we pick, because the attack machine will be the same for any of them. If we nominated that flamer Jesus, he’d get the same treatment. The massively-endowed think tanks and focus groups that champion the Billionaire Protection Party never let the truth get in the way of a good tactic.

The eventual Democratic nominee will be called a socialist. Doesn’t matter that there aren’t any socialists running, or that people don’t know what socialism is. Most of the ideas Democrats are espousing are very popular. You call the very same platform socialist, and the public turns on them. There will be very sophisticated memes out there proliferating, depicting the candidate as crazed or drenched in red or wearing horns, because that is how we choose a President these days. If you ask the average voter what a socialist is, you will be told that it is a person who wants to take all you have worked for and give it to someone who doesn’t deserve it. That’s actually what the billionaires are doing, but the Billionaire Protection Party has plenty of cash to devote to confusing you about these things.

Once they’ve gotten the public all heated up about socialists, they’ll start hammering away on the idea that our Democratic candidates not only want to take away what you have, but they want to make fun of you or shame you. They’ll say they’re coming after your favorite light bulb and your drinking straw and they’ll force you into a skinny little car you don’t want. They will say this is taking away your freedom. Focus groups have found that Freedom plays really well with Americans. Americans will happily ride the last glacier to rubble and pull the last fish from the sea as long as they still have their freedom. And they hate to be scolded. They will jam a dozen plastic straws in their sodas and blow black exhaust out of their big rigs just to stick it to the scolds and know-it-alls. This is exactly what a two-year-old would do, but the Billionaire Protection Party can afford to shower them with Legos and cheap candy so Mommy and Daddy can go out and paint the town red.

So go ahead and nominate a real grownup. You might just as well. The public might even surprise you and elect them.