In these tumultuous times, as a lame-duck president still walks free among us, it’s good to remember that any prick can be busted.

Medically speaking, this is known as Aubergine Sign. It’s not so much a sign as a honkin’ billboard. You’re not liable to miss it.
Let’s back up. The “meatus” is the hole at the bottom of the penis, or top (depending); it’s the drain hole, or nozzle (depending). And basically, if you’re a boy and you discover you have a vegetablus next to your meatus, you should already be at the doctor’s. You probably are.
The vegetable in question is an eggplant. If your penis looks like a stalk of Brussels sprouts, you’re dealing with an STD situation. If it looks swollen and purple and, in other words, a whole lot like an eggplant, you’ve broken your dick.
A boner contains no actual bone. If yours does, you might be a chimpanzee. What breaks when you break your boner is the Tunica Albuginea. This is the envelope that protects the three standard penis tubes. One of the tubes, the Corpus Spongiosum, shelters the wee-wee channel. The other two, the Corpora Carnosum, form the erector set. Tunica Albuginea is from the Latin for White Coat, which is who you should see if you bust it. Which, sometimes, is an audible event. Oh, snap!
How do you break the boner blanket? It’s not easy. Basically, you’re doing it wrong. Usually it involves some sort of rotational force on the penis during intercourse or masturbation. The medical article I consulted used the phrase “over-enthusiastic sex.” (It was written by a man. His name is Randy.) The injury results in swelling that quickly outstrips its desirability, followed by internal bleeding, causing the massive purple hematoma. There’s usually no shortage of available blood in the region at the time. In some areas of the Middle East, the injury is more common, due to a cultural practice called “tagaandan.” Don’t bother looking it up. It’s not in the Kama Sutra. It’s the practice of shoving your erect penis down so it doesn’t embarrass you in mixed company. No word how to protect your dignity when you’re screaming like a girl. Really, some countries should just get bigger pants.
One of the other relatively common injuries seen in the ER involves items stuck in the rectum. There is a protocol of bedside manner recommended in these cases in which a number of questions are asked of the patient, but not including “Did you shove something up your rectum?” Evidently a lot of the afflicted present complaining of constipation, or bloating, or back pain. I’m not sure why. This is no time to be coy. It’s not like the doctor isn’t going to figure it out during the extraction process (“coming clean”). But perhaps the root cause of discomfort does come as a surprise to the patient, who might not have been in a position to visually observe the goings-on, might not have been entirely sober at the time, and hasn’t yet noticed anything missing from his cupboard.
Or Habitrail.
Both conditions merit a trip to the doctor. In the case of Eggplant Dick, be sure to snap a photo in the early, pre-purple stages. You might find someone you want to send it to later.