Fake news angel. Angels aren’t girls.

Did you know Angelology is a thing? The study of angels? I’m going to admit right up front: I suspicioned that, stacked up against the other sciences, it might lack rigor. But I was wrong. It’s got rigor out the wazoo.

My primary source is an article by a gentleman who graduated from seminary school fifty years ago, became a pastor, died, and went home to be with the Lord, so he’s got credentials. Dr. Keathley pointed out that just as there are many forms of life lower than Us, we should expect that there are forms superior to us, if not quite as fancy as God. If there was nothing between us and God, that would be like a vacuum. In space. Which would be silly. So dollars to doughnuts it’s filled up with angels.

Not only that, but almost all of the heathen mythologies posit the existence of lesser deities. We generally ignore heathen mythologies, but they had to have gotten the idea from somewhere, even if they got everything else wrong, like God’s first name.

But the possibility of angels becomes a certainty when we realize that the Bible told us so. Because the Bible is God’s word. We know this because God himself told us, and God wouldn’t lie outright, although he was not above messing with Job just for fun. Even the weird bits in the Bible that contradict each other are proof that it must be God’s word, on account of He is mysterious. Slam dunk, in the can, mortal lock, shut the front door.

As supporting evidence for the existence of angels, we can start with the fact that God is Spirit; and there’s a material kingdom, and an animal kingdom, and a human kingdom, so it stands to reason–I believe it’s reason it stands to–that there is a spiritual kingdom also, with angels in it. (Dr. Keathley leaves out the viral kingdom and the phlegmish kingdom but those should remain below us, unless there is a terrible reckoning down the line.) Also there is the undisputed fact that a significant portion of Americans believe they have felt the presence of one or more angels, although not as many as believe in aliens and trickle-down economics.

Now THIS is an angel.

What a lot of people don’t know is that eventually, if we play our cards right, we will surpass the angels and even be in a position to judge them, and wouldn’t that be awesome. Our ace in the hole is that we were created in the image of God and the angels weren’t. Yes, we just learned the angels are not physical but spiritual just like God, but if God weren’t spirit he’d totally look like us. So once we’re redeemed, we’ll slide right by them into the end zone and score. Nanner nanner, angels.

I’m willing to go along with this up to a point, even the biblical fact that angels were created before the earth (so, over 6,000 years ago), but when humans arrange that convenient end run around the angels I surmise God’s Word has undergone some editing. This is a suspiciously fine result for ourselves. I’m not anticipating it myself. I don’t suppose if anyone were to redeem me they’d even get so much as a toaster out of the deal.