English-speakers love to jam words together. We might as well be Germans. Sometimes we dice and splice them, as in “Brexit,” and sometimes we just run them into each other, like “medicalmarijuana.” We picked up a hitchhiker once who talked a lot about medicalmarijuana, even though it was pretty clear the condition he was treating was intermittent sobriety. Now in Oregon we have recreationalmarijuana. That’s a big word for what we used to call a “stash.”

There are lots of words like that out there. Like “Corporatedemocrat,” which, near as I can tell, mostly means “Democrat.” It’s used, and liberally, by people I generally agree with. It can refer to anyone from an old-school Appalachian coal company whore to a thoughtful congressman who voted for an imperfect compromise bill in order to make some headway, or who voted against a cherished goal in order to avoid an objectionable rider. And the beauty of calling someone a Corporatedemocrat is that you don’t really have to go to all the bother of investigating his or her motivations at all. It’s handy for bypassing undue thought. Kind of like racism that way.

So I’m adding a new one. The one our veterinarian taught us. He was referring to our cat Tater. She’s got that waggly thing going on in her nether-Tater regions. If she were a more dignified sort of cat, you could almost imagine her attended by a double line of uniformed mice, holding her belly-fabric out like a train. Instead she regularly thunders through the house and that thing rocks back and forth like a censer in the hands of a meth-head priest. It’s impressive. And that, according to our new favorite veterinarian, is where she stores her “healthy fat.”

Healthyfat it is! I’ve been storing it for years and I just didn’t know what to call it. If I were any healthier, I’d bust out a butt seam. And for those of us sitting atop a catastrophic earthquake zone, we’re all about the storage. In fact if anything I might have underestimated the amount of Healthyfat I should be storing. I have the usual cache right in front where I can keep an eye on it, but I see no reason not to add to my auxiliary stores–in a pinch, so to speak, I can raid the upper arms. I keep spare rolls on my back. And if nobody’s come by to dig us out after a month, I’ve still got that emergency supply in my neck.

You face-lift people are going to be totally screwed.

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