Isn’t it something? We live in an age of medical and technological wonders and have the knowledge and means to solve any number of seemingly intractable problems, from climate change to plagues, but we don’t, because we still can’t fix stupid. We can identify stupid from the hats and the bumper stickers but we can’t seem to stamp it out before it spreads.

So now we have a plethora of perfectly useful vaccines for a rampant virus but no way of cajoling enough people into protecting themselves, and the rest of us, with them. Like, we could end this thing tomorrow if we had the collective will. But even if we were able to slip the stuff into the drinking water, it wouldn’t work, because so many people don’t have access to clean water. The ancient Romans could manage it, but that was before billionaires were invented, and profit must be made.
You can’t put vaccines in water anyway, but the only reason you’re not hearing that the Deep State is planning to do it is that it seems so much more likely we’ll have it sparkled into us from space. There’s no end to  how dastardly a liberal–read Jewish–billionaire can be.
You didn’t encounter this kind of obstinacy when the polio vaccine was developed. People were kind of simple and uncomplicated about things back then. Polio bad. Thank you Drs. Salk and Sabin. Please give me sugar cube. Now, we’re sort of done with measles chickenpox diphtheria polio smallpox whooping-cough tetanus hepatitis and even the dag-gone mumps, and there are so few real things that we have to worry about we need to invent them, just to get our understimulated little chests to rise.
People used to band together to fight their foes but now we’re all on our own, 330 million armies of one. Some people would never get a vaccine on principle, that principle being freedom, or some toddler’s version of it. Others would rather wait and see how it turns out. “Wait and see” is not a reasonable plan from a public health standpoint when time is of the essence with a still-rampaging mutating microbe, but many people are suspicious. Look how quickly Trump got the vaccines developed, they say. Wasn’t he wonderful? On the other hand, it was way too quick to trust. Let’s see how many people drop dead from the vaccine first! We can stack those bodies up here, and the COVID Hoax bodies over there, and see which pile looks scariest. That’s science, right there. That’s just using the old bean.
One fellow who got COVID and has no intention of getting the vaccine explained it this way: “I had a fever for a couple days. I don’t think it’s the bogeyman they made it out to be.”
A half million others were unavailable for comment.
Black people, as a demographic, have a well-founded historical distrust of the medical establishment but seem to be coming around to the advisability of vaccination. Republicans have a distrust of the truth. And they don’t trust government ever to do the right thing. Which, considering the last four years, is almost reasonable.
Can’t fix stupid. You can fix ugly, but it takes a face mask. So. Back where we started.