Wednesday 8:57am. Hey peeps! Love all your lists of Things You Don’t Know About Me! This is fun! How’s this work? I’m supposed to *like* them and then someone tags me and gives me a number right? So here’s the thing. I’ve liked all of them and no one’s given me a number yet! Or maybe it’s just that you all think you already know everything about me! LOLZ!

Wednesday 10:32am. I hate hate hate when Facebook keeps changing things. So now it looks like I can see my likes but you all can’t? I looked in account settings but I can’t figure it out. Why can’t they leave things the way they were! I wouldn’t pay five bucks for Facebook even if they asked me!!! Just leave everything alone, Facebook! Am I right???? I don’t know why things always have to change.

Wednesday 8:15pm. Woo Hoo! Heather gave me a Seven! Tks Heather! Seven is great. Seven is easy to get along with, fun-loving and smells like cheese. Okay here goes. Seven things you don’t know about me! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Okay here goes.

1. My mom and dad never praised my artwork even though everyone says I’m a highly creative person.They said it gives kids a false sense of competency that won’t serve them well when they get out on their own. I never knew people put artwork on the fridge until I went on my first sleepover at Harold’s.

2. I was the best at hide-and-go-seek of anybody I know. No one could ever find me.

3. One time I hid in the wardrobe in the hall and got way way back into the winter coats. I was so far back it started snowing. I never told anyone what I saw. I still haven’t! You’ll have to wait for that! He he!

4. I was twelve when I started doing experiments in reanimation on squirrels and toads and stuff. I got pretty close. I never quite achieved my goal but I think I know where I went wrong.

5. Like a lot of other highly creative people, I have synesthesia, where letters and numbers have colors and even personalities.

6. I’m a really easy going person but one thing that really bugs me is when people write OMG but don’t put it in all caps. The G always has to be in caps. There’s nothing anyone needs to do that’s so important they can’t take the time to put the G in caps. Am I right? No srlsy. Make an effort people.

7. My favorite number is seventeen. Seventeen is sort of barrel-chested and has a wheezy voice. Sort of like a cigarette voice. He seems kind of gruff but that’s just the way he is, he’s really a marshmallow inside. He he!

Thursday 8:34am. Okay everyone I put in my seven things–did you see them?

Thursday 11:53pm. Okay peeps, Facebook is making it so I can read my friends’ updates but no one can see mine. I know because I put stuff in right before I go to bed and that’s when they’re getting in there, at night, and moving things around because they know I’m asleep and I can’t defend it. Heather? Can you see this? Heather put in a comment if you can see this.

Thursday 11:55pm. How do you make someone’s name light up? Like for example if I wanted to make Heather’s name light up on this thing how would I do it?

Friday 8:22am. Thanks Heather you’re the best! Oh hey! Now that I wrote down those Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me, you all know them! I can start over! Okay here goes.

1. My mom and dad say I need to go get a job if I’m going to stay here. Even though I stay in the basement all the time so I don’t have to hear the drones and I’m not in anyone’s way. I’m neat and clean so it’s not that.

2. I’m probably the cleanest person you know. I wash myself all the time. There’s this, like, dark spot. It never quite goes away completely but I don’t even want to think about what it would be like if I didn’t keep scrubbing at it. That’s how they get in.

3. Mom and dad moved the wardrobe in the basement and I still spend a lot of time in there. I talk with

Seventeen in the back where the winter coats are and now Nine and Twenty-Three are showing up too. Mom HATES when I talk to them but she doesn’t understand they’re just my friends. They’re on my side.

4. My best friend when I was in eighth grade was Harold. We called ourselves the Pinky Brothers. Then one day he said his folks didn’t want him coming over any more, and then he went away. They looked for him for a long time but they never found him. You probably read about it. That was my friend Harold.

5. There’s something that’s going to go down that’s really big and a whole lot of people are going to be really sorry but I can’t talk about it.

6. I’m a really easy going person but what really bothers me is when someone calls something an abstract painting when it’s perfectly obvious it’s a picture of a squirrel. Or a toad, or whatever.

7. I’m not going to tell you the last one yet. Watch the news tonight! He he!