It’s the day after the election. I don’t know what happened yesterday, because I load up my blog posts on Mondays. For all I know, the country is currently on fire, or frozen over. It might be all pitchforks and police dogs and heads on pikes out there. Hurt feelings for sure. Many of us have edited our friendships. We’re lacerated and abraded and things are going to have to scab over but good before any healing can begin. We’re all packing now. Half of us guns, half suitcases.

I’m not lazy. I have a chunk of blog posts already written, but I don’t have anything ready to publish that is likely to make sense on this day. I can’t think of a thing, because I’m too busy trying not to think of things like pitchforks and people packing, and so, for the first time since I started Murrmurrs nearly eight years ago, I am loading up an old blog post. It’s from 2012. It is not relevant to anything in the news at all. I am picking this one because it is one of the top three most-viewed posts I’ve ever put out, and there are a billion comments on it, and all of them are funny too, and you know? I think we could all use a break. Click on this:

It’s about underwear.

I promise there will be fresh stuff on Saturday, y’all. Peace be with you.